Review Process

How We Test And Review?

If you are landed here, then it means, you wanted to know how we test and review. Well, we use 5 policies to create an overall score and decide on which printers make it into our top 10 list. All of these 5 elements play a role, but not all are equally essential. Hence, the weight of the end result varies according to the factors we experimented with. Now, in the below section, we listed out all the 5 main elements.

List Of 5 Main Elements

Here are the 5 main element factors, and their relative weight in our examing process:

  1. Quality of Benefit: Most significant, with a weight of 40%, is the rate of the printer’s print.
  2. Implementation: How the printer simulates your device’s help is also important. We gave this element weight of 20% in our comprehensive score for printing, fax, copying, & scanning.
  3. Further attributes and appliance compatibility: It includes attributes like Wifi, Alexa supported, Bluetooth, cloud, and much more. We conveyed this element weight of 20% in our comprehensive score.
  4. Worth for funds: Mostly, as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. Many printers are priced likewise in different slots, so we conveyed this element weight of 10%.
  5. Reviews of the user: During it is necessary, these can usually be misleading as we all handle and comprehend technology differently. We offered this a weight of 10% on our across-the-board score.

We took the information about printers from the top best printer reviews which are renowned for providing useful information about gadgets & much more.

To decide on a score for additional features, device compatibility, and value for money we examined the offers of all the different printer providers that we tested. This data is sufficiently carried straight from the head.

The notice for user examinations arrives from TrustPilot, the Google Play Store, and our own user assessments.